Becoming a Dog Owner

Why having a dog is BAD for you?

Why having dog is bad for you

We have all heard about the old complains and burdens of having a dog pet! The ones that go along the lines: ‘You will find dog hair in everything you own’, ‘Your personal stuff will not remain in tact’, ‘Your food will be stolen right from your plate’, or ‘Taking care of your dog will consume all of your time’ and many, many other similar complains! Usually, they are usually the effect of improper training! But, let’s not get too deep into that, for now!

You will be less stressed out

Dogs lowers your level of stress through love and silly but funny activities!


Owning a dog will surely contribute a lot towards lowering your stress levels! This is a scientifically proven fact that is also approved and backed-up by dog owners around the world! Your dog will engage you in silly but fun activities, filled with love and joy, you will forget about the stress that surrounds the presentation you have to make in front of your company’s board of directors next week… It helps in getting you a lot easier through that whole experience!

You will have an emotional positive boost!

whenever you feel down, your dog will try to cheer you up!


Whenever feeling down and low, your companion will be there trying to cheer you up in the gentlest of manners, you will suddenly find yourself laughing like a child! After a while, you will wonder where did all the worries go?

You will have a loving responsibility

Responsibility filled with love, called Dog


Your dog will be your responsibility, but it will be a responsibility filled with love and positive vibes! You will actually want and love to take care of your pooch, for all the happy moments they give you!

You will feel loved at all times

You are important for your dog


Your dog will not miss a chance to show you how important and loved you are! And, that is going to have you release more of the oxytocin hormone that will almost send you flying! Or, did anxiety just fly out the window?

More healthier and active fit

Doing physical activities with your dog makes you healthier!


Taking your dog out for walks, playing at the park, hiking, biking, or swimming will have you engaging in all these activities too; and it will not feel like an obligation, rather a fun activity that will get you generally healthier, actively fit, and happier!

Generally a better person

Owning a dog makes you generally better person


From all the love you get, you will certainly reflect that back to the outside world! You will become a much better and a lighter person without putting in too much effort yourself! Wanting to help others in getting at a better place within themselves by reaching out and sharing a smile, will come naturally to you!

Less prone to getting sick

When you have a dog you are less likely to get sick


You will be more immune to bacteria, which will keep the flu further away from you! Another great reason to adore your dog with all your might!

Help you be more social

With dogs you will meet new people and be more social


Your dog’s playtime at the park will make you more social – hanging around with other owners and dogs and sharing various funny, interesting stories! You never know, you may meet your new best friend at the dog park!

Therapeutic for kids

Dogs can help kids with ADHD


It is therapeutic for kids, especially the ADHD children! Dogs will be great relaxation and periods of immense focus, engagement and laughter! Dogs have proved to make children more humble, cheerful and responsible at the same time!

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