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Top 18 Guardian Dogs


The following dogs that we will present you, are dogs that have a very high guarding instinct, imprinted deeply into their being and bones! They say it is possible to transform your dog depending on the training you provide, but, we must admit that in order to become a strong and reliable guardian dog, there must be a genetic trail that would make possible becoming the best out there! And if you work with these dogs – that have been bred for guarding purposes – you will surely get the best guardian and loving family member for yourself!

All guardian dogs need a strong and an assertive leader who will not only train them but will also keep the rules consistent from an early age. In this way, the role of the dog within the pack can be established. Besides, these dogs need to be introduced to different situations, people and other animals in order to express and excel in good behavior! If you follow these guidelines, guardian dogs will be very affectionate and lovable towards you and also meet the standards of performing their outstanding pre-designed jobs! Moreover, you will be in the safest company!

*Reminder: You must be an advanced owner if you want to get one of these dogs! Their dominant personality needs consistent disciplining by an assertive owner, starting from an early age. Dominant dog personalities see themselves as dominant to humans, therefore they try to be the ones in charge, at all times!

1. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher Guardian Dog

The Doberman will scare away anyone – without even approaching well into your property! Their looks are frightening even from afar. If burglars know you have one, you are safe! These dogs will do the impossible to protect their pack and territory and they are fearless at demonstrating their power. Their shape and structure and their strong bite are anyone’s nightmare! Meanwhile, on the soft side, the Dobermans love to please their owners!

2. Bullmastiff

Bullmastiff Guardian Dog

Back in the days, the Bullmastiffs have been used to guard diamonds in the old African tribes. This fact alone, tells a lot about their guardian qualities! But when with their families, they are known as the ‘gentle giants’. Beware: Bullmastiff dogs are prone to a lot of drooling!

3. Rottweiler

Rottweiler Guardian Dog

Extremely powerful, the Rottweiler makes a great guardian dog! Their ferocious bite makes them exceptionally requested to perform the job they have been mainly bred for! But, we suggest you be careful in training them appropriate behaviors in order to be trustful when off-duty!

4. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a well-proportioned dog and a very strong one – both muscularly and by a solid bone structure. They are known as courageous, alert and fearless working dogs. Intelligent as they are, they learn just very quickly! Over the years, the German Shepherd has earned the title of a “police officer” because of their great service as police and guardian dogs! On the other hand, they love and are highly devoted to their packs, therefore, overly protective! Strangers should be careful when approaching their territories!

5. Komondor


The Komondor is the dog with the heaviest fur in the canine world! They use their fur as a great camouflage, and can hardly get noticed within the sheep they watch over! There is a widespread saying that the Komondor has eliminated the wolves from the grounds of Hungary while protecting the sheep! The Bob Marley of the dog world – Komondor’s protective instinct goes on to defend his family and property with his life! They are suspicious of everything they hear and see!

6. Kuvasz


Bred to guard, the Kuvasz is very independent and suspicious of all strangers. Strangers will have the hardest time befriending these dogs, no matter how hard they try! Kuvasz is very alert and protective dogs, and they can move at great speeds, seeming all the more dangerous, having also their size in mind!

7. Giant Schnauzer


The Giant Schnauzer, just as the name implies, is a large, giant dog with a strong and rectangular head; features, which give these dogs a powerful appearance! At first, the Germans created the Giant Schnauzer to work as a police dog, but as they got surpassed by the German Shepherds in that regard, other qualities they possess have enforced other roles and tasks on the Giant, like guarding and herding! Herding is also another strongly rooted instinct in the Giant Schnauzers. They are well-known for their alert personalities and the powerful bite they wield! But, if proper training and affection is provided, the Giant Schnauzer will be an extremely lovable pet, when out of duty!

8. Rhodesian Ridgeback


Bred by the indigenous people of Africa, the Rhodesian Ridgeback have done territorial guarding along with lion hunting ever since the old days! Their fearlessness goes to an extreme level, as to not back down at the sight of the lions! These dogs are great protectors and possess one-of-a-kind bravery! Overly energetic, they work diligently to protect their pack! What makes these dogs stand out is their unique physical appearance, their actual Ridgeback, which is not evident in other dog breeds! Raised by an alert owner, they become super sweet dogs!

9. Akita


Akitas are a Japanese breed that has been historically owned by the ruling class. Only recently has the breed been brought to America, and soon enough, they earned a splendid household position, not only for their beauty and intelligence but more so for their relentlessness, focus, watch and guarding features! They can get pretty dangerous when on duty to protect their pack! These are the kind of dogs that would take a bullet for you! Also known as primitive dogs, Akitas maintain a close lineage to the wolves – therefore, they do not really share their space with many other animals! They have been put on the high-risk list by insurance companies, right after the Pit Bull and the Rottweiler, because of biting and aggression risks! You must pay extra insurance if you want to get an Akita! Other than that, Akitas are amazing climbers and tolerant of extreme weathers!

10. Belgian Malinois


The Belgian Malinois is known as the Superdog! This is the perfect guardian dog, with excessive energy levels and long-lasting focus! These features make these dogs excellent police, guard and working dogs! They also do great at obedience competitions!

11. Pitbull


The Pit Bull has a powerful look. Their strong brick-like head being as broad as it brings intimidating feelings for everyone. They are unusually strong for their size! On the soft side, they love to please their owners! If you are good at channeling their aggressiveness at an early age, you will have earned yourself a great companion and a remarkable protector!

12. Dogo Argentino


Their large, well-muscled body and their massive rounded head will keep your property safe! They are the most muscular of the whole canine world! Some say that if the Dogo Argentino would be a human, they would be “Rocky”! Very protective dogs, that can become highly aggressive towards suspicious strangers! When out of duty, these dogs make lovely family members who are devoted to pleasing and risk their lives for their pack!

13. Staffordshire Bull Terrier


With an imposing and strong personality, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, as part of Terrier Breed Group is a perfect guard dog! They have a hard time getting along with other animals, and some may never get past this instinct, which determines the necessity to live in homes that do not keep any other pets! Their aggressiveness is known to be strongly linked with protecting their owners, and not so much concerning their property! These dogs are very sensitive and loving, and they do enjoy playing and goofing around!

14. Great Pyrenees


This is one big dog, whose appearance can scare anyone away! The Great Pyrenees are a great guardian and herding dogs who do great at watching over livestock. If not required for guarding purposes, the dog can be a well-behaved dog to humans – only if an assertive and informed owner trains them since puppyhood, and is also consistent with the rules being set. Whereas, in other circumstances, being individual dogs, the Great Pyrenees think for themselves and create rules to dominate the household!

15. Tibetan Mastiff


The Tibetan Mastiff has historically been used to guard entire villages within the areas of Tibet! Their appearance is similar to a large lion, with their furlong and focused around the neck and shoulders! Their deep bark intimidates prey and attack-targets. Tibetan Mastiffs will bark at anything that is not familiar, whether that be humans, animals or any other extraordinary thing! They are the most popular dogs in China, where their price may even go up to 6,000$!

Beware: Tibetan Mastiff is a heavy shedding dog, your house would be covered in dog-hair in a matter of a few days!

16. Chow Chow


The Chow Chow has an iffy reputation because of this well-known fact: they are temperamental and very protective dogs, despite their teddy-bearish look! Originally, they were used as guardian dogs, and they have watched after palaces around Asia! These dogs are very fit for an assertive owner, who keeps an eye on their behavior. If they have an owner with leadership qualities, the Chow Chow turn out to be lovely pets!

17. Chinese Shar-Pei


The Chinese Shar-Pei is extremely powerful dogs that have been bred to guard, despite their cuteness! Their wrinkled skin makes these dogs very cuddly, but you should beware of the way you approach them, especially if you are a stranger; they can be very arrogant to strangers!

18. Boerboel


Boerboel is a large breed of dogs, as well as fearless and individualistic! These traits make the Boerboel very tough to be raised by amateur owners! These dogs do great as guardians as they are highly protective of their pack and territory! Nevertheless, when encountered with the right family, who are informed on how to channel their energy, the Boerboel come across as very affectionate and caring dogs!

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