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Top 12 Dog Park Rules Every Owner Should Know

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To make the dog park a great experience takes some effort from dog owners as well as the city’s authorities! The reason why your dog’s favorite spot may at times seem like a nightmare to you is that some parks become filthy by inattentive authorities or inattentive visitors! Therefore, some parks lack water bowls, garbage bins, and poop bags! So, you should be mindful and always bring these things with you: poop bags and water! Toys are a luxury, which you can decide how to handle on your own!

Different rules apply to different parks, although generally, the ones mentioned below are great to keep in handy at any dog park you visit:

Let Your Dog Bark

Dog running at the park

Do not try to control all of your dog’s communication manners! Your dog should be allowed to bark while playing around with other dogs as long as everyone looks happy! On the other hand, if you notice that your dog is trying to snarl at or scare another dog, you should consider that they do not get along, therefore gently get your dog out of the situation in a perfectly calm manner!

Let Dogs Play Rough

Dogs playing together at the park

Dogs love wrestling with other dog friends, and goof around! Tug-of-war or other similar games that may seem aggressive to you are just a great way for them to enjoy the company of each other – so let it happen! As long as they do not snap at each other, corner or steamroll each other, everything is for the fun!

Don’t Push A Frightened Or A Smaller Dog!

Let your dog free to do whatever he wants at the park

If you own a small-sized dog or a new pup, watch out the reactions you get! If they indicate signs of weakness and defense, it may be a better idea to take your companion out of the dog park and somewhere else in an open space! Fearful dogs may, unfortunately, trigger even more aggressive behaviors from other dogs! Or, you can always check out beforehand – as some parks have a separate space designated for specific dog sizes!

Other than that, if your dog is enjoying the company of big dogs, do not bother interrupting – allow them to interact freely!

Keep Your Attention On Your Dog!

Dog chewing a ball at the park

Try not to get overly distracted by your phone or the company of other dog owners and forget to keep a good eye at your dog! Within the 5 minutes, you lose your focus, the likelihood of your dog engaging in activities that result negatively is very much possible, such as a dog-fight, dropping deuces and similar! It is not necessary to keep your dog on the leash, but just keep your attention where it is due! If the leash is constantly necessary, then the dog park is obviously not the right place for you!

A dog park is not a relaxation spot, therefore be a responsible owner!  There is a huge mix of dog personalities and owners, so be absolutely attentive.

Always Pick Up After Your Dog!

Do not neglect the fact that your dog’s littering and deuces are not what others want to deal with, let alone step on! Keep this detail in mind whenever in the dog park so that you do not lose focus of your dog and their doings in order to avoid unpleasant circumstances or create a bad dog park experience for others. Do your part to take care of the dog’s paradise!

Say No to Nice Clothes at the Dog Park!

Dog jumping on people at the park

If you are thinking about stopping at the dog park after work and then also attend other activities afterward, you should just forget about it! You are going to get dirty and that is for sure! Always go home to change into junky clothes first, before heading out to the dog park! For one, you never know what you might step on and secondly, you will absolutely get a jump on the lap or two from excited dogs enjoying their time outside!

Make Sure He Was Treated For Parasite Control!

Dog at the vet

Before bringing your dog to a dog park make sure you have paid some visits to the vet! You don’t want to cause trouble for other dogs and owners. Being responsible for your dog’s shows great respect and manners for the canine and the human world!

Don’t Bring Your Dog To A Dog Park If…

Dog with a big stick on his mouth

…you think he does not quite fit there! No two dogs have the same personality, even dogs of the same breed! Whether your dog is timid, shy or over-confident, you should be able to help their way into the park, knowing their approach and specifications! If your dog is not appropriate for the dog park, you should rather not take him there! Although, this might feel hard on you, know that this is not about you, it is about your dog! So the more you know your dog and the more you are honest about their personality, the better it will be to avoid tough situations!

Know Dog Parks!

Know your parks near your house so you can walk your dog safely

If you feel that a specific park is not right for your dog’s personality, you should avoid that park and instead find another one that better suits your dog’s needs! Dog parks are unique – so make sure you understand the written and unwritten rules so that you can find the best socialization and exercise spot for your fluffy pal!

Be Ready To Go!

Whenever you sense that the interaction seems to be escalating into a troublesome or injurious one, be ready to leave, right away! The best option is to get out of the park whenever something is not going right – for the safety of your dog and yourself! Boundaries and limitations are very important and highly appreciated by our canine friends and humans likewise!

If there are troubles or fights at the park be ready to leave

It is important that you recognize behavior signals, especially aggressive ones, from other dogs as well as your dog for that matter – while at the dog park!

Be In Control Of Your Dog!

Take control of your dog at the park

This is the rule that tops the list and for all the right reasons! You must always be in control of your dog! Make sure your dog is properly trained before entering the dog park! This one will prevent you and the rest from a lot of trouble! This can only be achieved through early proper training and socialization!

Do not try to train your dog at the dog park, though! You will need to bring treats and praise with you, which will be troublesome, as other dogs will try to fight over food, which will most probably complicate the situation for the worse! So, do the work at home or somewhere you are alone with your dog and gradually socialize!

However, for safety reasons, keep your leash on close reach – for if situations escalate, you can always pull your dog back to safety!

Dog Owners Don’t Fight Each Other!

Dog owners should never argue whatever the tension is between dogs

Whatever the situation between dogs, keep cool and handle with care! Common courtesy should be the number one rule between humans, and it goes a long way!

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