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We frequently hear beautiful and touching stories of people saving the dog’s life offering home, family, care and affection. However, what is so unusually touching and attention-grabbing is hearing stories of dogs sacrificing themselves to save people’s lives: their owners and even strangers. Let us together go through these ten following incredible stories of German Shepherd Dogs putting their whole energy and even risking their own lives, just to save people when their lives were in risk.

1. Luks Sacrificed His Life to Save The Yugoslav Statesman Josip Broz Tito

June 1943 – Found in a very dangerous situation by a bomb that fell nearby during “The Battle of the Sutjeska”, the commander of Yugoslav partisans, later to become the Yugoslav communist statesman Josip Broz Tito, was saved by his German Shepherd Dog Luks, by sacrificing his life. The story was only revealed in a post-war report.

2. Buddy Led a Police Officer to the Place Where His Owner Was In Danger

April 2010 – Ben asks his German Shepherd Dog named Buddy to ask for help, as suddenly his workshop, that was set up inside his house in Alaska, was set on fire. The rest of the story is amazingly courageous and clever. Buddy runs for help while the same time an area police officer takes the information about the fire and heads on that direction. The GPS of the police officer unusually stops working (freezes), leaving him with no direction, in the middle of the road. The police officer, only a few minutes later notices a dog, Buddy, in the side of the road running and trying to catch his attention, as he wanted to tell him “follow me to the place”. The police trusted Buddy’s leads, by following him towards the place where his owner Ben was in danger. The police officer was shocked when he realized that the dog was leading him right to the fire. Due to this heroic act of Buddy, the police officer safely moved Ben from the danger zone and everything got back to normal. Buddy was even honored for leading Alaska State troopers to fire.

The police officer said: “He wasn’t running from me, but was leading me” he said. I just felt like I was being led … it’s just one of those things that we’re thinking on the same page for that brief moment.” while his owner declared: “He’s my hero.”

3. Shannon Lorio’s life was saved by a lost German Shepherd crashed with her Car

March 2010 – This is another amazing heroic story of a German Shepherd dog. Shannon Lorio all of a sudden ends up crashing her car and gets injured, ending up with a flow of blood in her face, displaced by the accident in the back of her truck. The story about Shannon’s life being saved is very unique, as she got pulled out from the track and moved near the road to ask for help. Shortly a bicyclist notices her and offers the needed help, by saving her life.

Hear the story revealed by Shannon in the following Heroes Among Us–Hero the Dog!

4. Rambo sacrificed his life by sharing the electrical charge with the owner hit by Lighting

July 2015 – Another incredibly heroic story of a dog trying to save his owner’s life is that of the German Shepherd named Rambo. Rambo gave up his life when he saw that his owner Jonathan Hardman – a hiker, was abruptly hit by lightning, as he was climbing up Mount Bierstadt accompanied by a group of people. As Jonathan ends up unconscious by lightning struck, the dog touches him to discharge him from electricity.

5. Bruno the Police Dog got Shot Chasing down a Criminal Suspect

March 2014 – The story of Bruno, a police German Shepherd that was chasing a suspect together with a police officer in a police mission when he got shot by the suspect is another true happening that affected everybody’s hearts. The Colorado police officer that was helped by Bruno in this mission and many other endangering missions declared that he will adopt Bruno and take care of all of his recovery costs. Thank God Bruno was not killed and he can continue with his heroic job of fighting criminality. Hear the story revealed in the following video.

6. Sasha the Hero Dog Saves a Four-Year Child Milena risking to Drown at the pool

July 2013 – Sasha, another German Shepherd hero revealed one more time how caring and affected towards people dogs can be. What Sasha did is absolutely unbelievable! Milena, a four-year Argentinian girl got out of her home without her parents noticing it, walked into neighbor’s backyard – that occurred to have a swimming pool set up and she jumped in. Sasha followed the girl all the way through and started to bark, cry and whine but nobody could listen to his alerting voices the dog made. Then, as he was convinced that Milena was drowning, Sasha jumps into the pool and hold her up – so she could breathe, until she could be dragged out of there.

7. Jade Saves the Abandoned Girl’s Life by Founding Her in a Park Bush

November 2013 – What Jade, another hero German Shepherd dog did, touches everyone’s heart. Jade was off the lead as she was walking at the park with her owner Roger and she suddenly warns her owner leading him in the direction of a dark bush. Roger gets shocked when he finds out that the dog actually led him towards a baby bag with a tinny cute baby on it crying like she was asking for help. He immediately informs the police, who took the 24 hours old baby and send her to the hospital where she got all the treatment needed to defeat death and grow normally.

8. Bear saved his owner’s life as she suffers from seizures disease

May 2011 – Bear, the Texas German Shepherd has been awarded as the National Hero Dog for saving his owners’ life called Debbie, who for 18 years suffered from “seizures disease” caused by a horse-riding accident – a condition caused by abnormal electrical activity, causing rapid and uncontrolled shakes of body, sometimes leading to the epilepsy. Bear takes care of Debbie all the time, as he detects a coming seizure and leans on her legs so she can sit down and not risk falling. The dog even gets her the regular medicine. But this is another story that will absolutely touch your heart. Debbie went outside even that the dog tried to stop her as he could sense the upcoming seizure, but she did not listen to his warnings, so she ends up having a seizure in the front of her home where she fell unconscious. Bear, as he saw her owner risking her life, went door to door trying to warn neighbors that her owner needed help, and fortunately, a Park Country animal control officer was able to recognize dog warnings, so he runs out there and offered Debbie help by saving her life.

9. Noah takes a bullet to save her owner and her three children

January 2015 – This is one more heroic and sacrificing act of another German Shepherd dog. Noah– the dog, went out with his family where his owner Kadon stopped by in a store to buy a dog collar, while his wife Diondra and three kids stayed in the car in the parking lot. All of a sudden, an incident occurred in the parking lot where gunfire started between two groups, risking lives of the fourth family members that were waiting in the car. The rest of the story is very brave and sad the same time, as in the hail of the bullets flowing through car windows, Noah runs inside the car to save them and there a bullet hits him in the neck. Diondra said that the bullet was directed to her but it was Noah that took it for her in order to save children and her. The injured Noah then runs after the gunman trying to catch it, where he later breathes his last breath.

See the news report (with a video of Noah injured, chasing the gunman taken by video surveillance of the store).

10. Ape the FBI Hero Dog Who Got Shoot in a Frontline Mission

March 2013 – The heroic act of the FBI dog named Ape is to be remembered. The FBI was chasing after the gunman Kurt Myers who killed four people in two different towns of New York, and finally, he holed up in an abandoned bar where a tensed standoff between police, FBI and the gunman took place. Abe was the first FBI agent to get in with a camera outfitted so the police could have a clear view of what was happening inside, and there is when he gets shut on the chest from the criminal. Due to this camera investigation, police reached to kill the gunman leaving the others safe. As Ape was badly injured, he cannot serve anymore as an FBI agent but he has been honored at the FBI’s Headquarters, Virginia, USA.

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