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Puggy, the Dog with the World’s Longest Tongue

Peggy eating ice cream

This is Puggy, the Guinness Record Breaking Dog for having the lengthiest or longest tongue ever seen in a dog. Puggy, an adorable male Pekingese dog, who lived in Texas, United States and owned by Becky Stanford yet remains the dog with the longest tongue in the world since 8 May 2009 when the proper measurement was taken, conferring to the Guinness Book of World Record of 2011.

In 2016 the Guinness Record was broken by Mochi, a Dog with the longest tongue on a dog measures 18.58 cm (7.31 in).

Puggy’s tongue size, unbelievably, was 11.43 centimeters or 4.5 inches and most of the time hangs out of the canine’s mouth. Before it became a Record Breaker, as a puppy, a breeder abandoned Puggy due to his unique facial features, later to be adopted by the current owner. Puggy left this world on February 2015 yet remaining the record breaker for the longest dog tongue in the world. His owner describes Puggy as a loving dog that enjoys running, playing, eating and do all that doggie stuff same as many healthy and happy dogs do.

Let us see some interesting photos of the gone Puggy – the dog that amazed the world with the distinguished size of his tongue!

Puggy’s Tongue!

Peggy the dog with the longest tongue

2. I Bet He Could use his Tongue to Hit the Ball!

Cute dog with large tongue

3. His Portrait With A Tongue Turned Was Perfectly And Colorfully Painted By The Brazilian artist Joana Diggle!

Cute white dog with longest tongue on earth

4. Puggy Could Totally Invade any Ice Cream With That Tongue!

Peggy eating ice cream

5. Kids Absolutely Adored Him!

This dog is adored by children

6. Puggy Even Received A Drawing With His Favorite Ball As A Present By A Portugal Artist Named Marta!

Illustration of Puggy with the longest tongue

7. He And His Tongue Sometimes Were Mimicked His Best Friend Derek the Grandson of Puggy’s Owner!

Puggy and his best friend with tongue out

8. This Can be One of the Greatest Tongue Poses of Puggy!

Beautiful picture of Puggy with curled tongu

9. Too Much Cuteness under This Yellow Raincoat!

Puggy in a raincoat

10. The Time Puggy Was Ready To Give Unconditional Halloween Kisses!

Puggy for Halloween

11. Puggy with a Long & Wholehearted Tongue!

Puggy running with tongue out

12. Sometimes He Would Like To Take A Break From Being Tongue-Busy!

Puggy with a red ball

13. And this Adorable Quote as of to Remember His Uniqueness He Brought to the World!

Puggy watching himself on the mirror

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