Meet Jimmy (The Incredible Bull Terrier) Through 25 Amazing Photos


Meet Jimmy – the Bull, one of the cutest, charming, and spirited model Bull Terriers ever to find on the internet. Regularly photographed in an absolutely unique, original, and creative fashion by his owner, the editor and artist Rafael Mantesso, Jimmy “The incredible Bull Terrier” is invading hearts of the people all around the globe with his charisma and liveliness.

What differentiates Jimmy’s photo shootings is their characteristic illustration style that Mantesso used to reveal the unique charm and talent of his beloved canine by creating very exclusive, sparkling, and encouraging doggie portraits.

Let us look over the amazing recent Jimmy’s photo-shoots on Rafael’s Instagram account:

One Day Jimmy Decided to Catch a Virtual Cartoon Fish!

Jimmy the bullterrier in a creative picture with fish ilustration

2. He Modeled

As He Wanted To Make The World Aware That There Are So Many Animal Shelters Desperately Necessitating A Home!

Jimmy posing for a cause

Jimmy posing with instagram logo

4. Jimmy Even Took The Time To Celebrate “The International Mother’s Day” And To Support Mothers In This Unusual Canine Way

Jimmy Choo in shoes posing for mother's day

5. He Really Wanted To Make A Speech As The Winner Of The Webby Award For Best Photography & Graphics In Social Media “Annual Webby Awards”

Jimmy saying thank you for his award

6. Meet Jimmy The Cool!

Jimmy is very special dog

7. He Modeled With This Illustrated Trophy to Thank Everyone For Their Votes As He Won “The Webby Award”

Jimmy holding his price

8. This Is How He Won Hearts Before The Prize!

Jimmy the bullterrier asking for votes

Jimmy offering to sell kisses

Another creative picture of jimmy

Jimmy with his illustrations



9. He Chosen To Reveal His Hidden Gymnastic Side In This Incredible Cartoonish Style!

Jimmy doing gym

10. He Did Not Forgot To Show The World His Deep Sadness About Brussels Attacks Of March 2016

Sad Jimmy for Brussels shootings

11. Jimmy Even Played the Starving Dog!

Hungry jimmy running after food

12. Jimmy Outstandingly Congratulated Women on their International Day

Jimmy wearing a wig and looking like a girl

13. Performed As a Pro Diver

Jimmy the bullterrier diving

14. He Did Not Forget to Support Immigrants All Over The World!

Jimmy supporting immigrants

15. He Became a Dolphin for a Moment, As He Wants To Raise the Awareness about the Dolphins Getting Killed By Cruel People!

Jimmy the bullterrier as a dolphin raising awareness against their killings

16. Jimmy The Virtual Cyclist!

Jimmy riding a bicycle

17. He Even Looks Over His Imaginary Reflected Portrait!

Bullterrier Jimmy watching himself ion the reflection

18. Jimmy the Cutest Canine Pirate!

Pirate Jimmy the bullterrier

19. Jimmy The Aladdin With His Flying Carpet

Jimmy flying on the Aladin Carpet

22. And … Jimmy Dealing With the Mad Variant Of The Mickey Mouse!

Jimmy watching angry Mickey Mouse

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