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How to Make Your Dog Feel Safe at Halloween

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Let’s face it: as much as we might like to dress them up for Halloween, this is an awfully and stressful time for dogs.  You might also try to keep them inside as much as possible but at the end of the day, they are still likely to be scared of the fireworks or boisterous kids outside.

Halloween Dogs

But what can you do about it?

Well, there are many ways to alleviate your dogs’ concerns and some of these are very simple tasks that can make an enormous difference.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at what evokes this fear and how you can help your dog through a stressful period this Halloween.

How to Help Your Dog Through Halloween

In some cases, dogs can be particularly sensitive to noise and needless to say, this can make fireworks even more terrifying.

What you need to remember is that your own personal behavior during this time will have a huge impact on your dog. That is to say, dogs are hyper sensitive so if you appear to be concerned, your dog will sense this concern and react accordingly.

Likewise, if you act calm around your dog, they will sense that everything is okay. Of course, they will still be afraid but they will at least be a lot calmer than if you are visibly stressed.

Here are some simply tasks, which can make all the difference for your dog this Halloween:

Useful Tips to Help Your Dog at Halloween

Spend More Time with Your Dog

It may sound a little obvious but there is no substitute for spending time with your dog. As you know, dogs respond to physical touch and much in the same way as a human, this can have quite a profound and calming effect. If your dog looks anxious, give them a cuddle and let them know you are there.

Never Leave Your Dog Alone on Halloween

Can you imagine how scary it might be for your dog to hear those fireworks and not know what they are? As if that’s not enough, what about when all those children come knocking at the door?

You should never leave your dog alone at Halloween and most especially on the night itself. If you need to get a friend involved, have them do some dog-sitting but whatever you do, never leave them alone.

Buy a ThunderShirt for Your Dog

As you may know, there are now duvet covers and blankets, which can alleviate stress. Simply put, these covers are designed to restrict movement so that the body can stay relaxed and refrain from moving around. With this in mind, you can understand how a ThunderShirt might work. After all, by applying some subtle pressure, this special shirt can restrict movement and help your dog feel more secure.

Experiment with Pet Remedy or Adaptil

Adaptil is a spray that lets out a pheromone, which dogs absolutely love to smell. These also have a calming effect and are said to be perfectly harmless. As for Pet Remedy, these consist of special oils that calm the nerves of animals in particular and again, they are said to be safe. Both of these are available online or from your nearest pet store.

Pay Attention and Give a Little Grace

Whatever you do discover that allows your dog to cope, try to let them do this as often as possible. For example, if they feel like sleeping on the “forbidden sofa”, maybe let them away with it for a day or two. After all, your dogs health is much more important than almost anything else in the house.


Now: That’s not to say you shouldn’t dress them up and you cannot have a good time with your dog this Halloween – you absolutely can! We just want to make it clear that your dogs’ happiness will largely depend on how you approach the Halloween period.

Either way, enjoy Halloween with your dog and do anything you can to help your little fur-baby through the holidays!

Do you have any useful techniques that help your dog stay calm? Please let us know in the comments!

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