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Hill’s Pet Nutrition Recalls Product; Grieving Pet Owners Say Damage Has Already Been Done 


Recently, the prominent Hill’s Pet Nutrition spontaneously recalled thirteen of their canned food products made for dogs. This was effectively executed due to the prospective high level of vitamin D in the products.

This universal recall badly affected most dog owners in regions where these canned products were traded in all the pet stores. They were also sold in veterinary clinics, and the internet was not excluded.

Following the statement that was distributed by Hill’s, Vitamin D is actually a vital nutrient for dogs. However, when ingested in very high levels, it ultimately leads to prospective health challenges.

The challenges to be faced also relies on the level of the vitamin and the duration of the exposure. Some of the symptoms such unfortunate dogs will have to go through include;

  • Appetite loss
  • High levels of thirst
  • Increased urination
  • Drilling excessively
  • Loss of weight
  • Vomiting, and so on

When vitamin D is ingested in high levels, it leads to critical health problems in the dogs. Such health problems include renal dysfunction. The company also stated that owners with dogs that have already consumed the product, and gone as far as showing any of the listed symptoms, should immediately contact their diverse veterinarians.

There gave a sign of hope as it was stated that a full recovery would be expected once the feeding is stopped at once. This is expected to be good news for dog lovers all over the world.

For those wondering why the recall occurred, here it is. Hill’s Pet Nutrition issued the recall when they got complaints in the United States. The complaint was about a dog that was exhibiting signs of high vitamin D levels.

Touching Stories From Victims

When Mocha; a four years old dog owned by Laura Freeman was diagnosed with gastroenteritis, all options they took to treat it showed no sign of improvement. The disease was diagnosed in the later parts of October.

Antibiotics and medications did not help resolve the issue. Blood tests and x-rays that were carried out did not help either. They only showed that the dog was in perfect health.

Even with the perfect health file, poor Mocha was not able to eat anything. Roughly a week after the diagnosis, one of the veterinarians suggested to Laura to try out Hill’s Pet Nutrition: Prescription Diet I/D Dog Food”.

It was recommended to help increase Mocha’s appetite. The dog food was one that helped with issues relating to digestion in dogs. According to the veterinarian, it would be easy on the stomach, and every dog loves its taste.

Laura was assured that everything would be fine with Mocha upon using the dog food. However, that was not the case. Within a few days, Mocha’s health swiftly deteriorated, and the reason could not be explained.

Mocha became passive, she threw up bile, drooled excessively and even had diarrhea. From being an overnight stay at the veterinary clinic, it turned into a sad trip down to a hospital for animals.

More tests were carried out by the doctors as they all rallied around to find out what the issue was with Mocha. Finally, on the 9th of November, Laura got a call from the hospital.

Sadly, it was not good news as the call was to let her know that her dear Mocha suffered a deadly heart attack. The veterinary doctor could not still give any explanation for Mocha’s death.

It was not until weeks later that Laura got to know that, the dog food recommended by the veterinary doctor was among those spontaneously recalled by the manufacturers. The recall was because of its high levels of vitamin D.

On a sad note, Laura mentioned how Mocha had similar symptoms with the statement Hill’s Pet Nutrition put out. She said the food was meant to be good for dogs and even though it cost a lot, she willingly paid for it just for Mocha to get better.

However, she is not only asking for an apology but compensation worth more than $3000. The compensation is for the medical bills accumulated when Mocha started the diet.

Laura’s story was not the only one that occurred due to the excess vitamin D levels in the canned dog food. She met up with so many people who had similar issues. Either their dogs suddenly became extremely sick, or they died after consuming the food.

The food was actually meant to help dogs undergoing health challenges but instead made it worse. The statement issued by Hill’s Pet Nutrition comprised of a guide that identified the diverse brands and unique dates as well as codes.

These would aid in identifying the products that have been potentially affected. Still going by the statement they issued out, the canned goods that were affected were distributed all around the United States.

They were distributed via veterinary clinics and the retail pet stores across the nation. However, no dry foods, treats, or even cat foods were affected by this sad incident. When notices of the recall were posted on the Facebook and Twitter social media pages of Hill’s Pet Nutrition, it was filled with overwhelming comments.

The replies gotten were from distraught owners and lovers of dogs. Similar to the case of Laura, they complained that their dogs got sick and died later on due to consumption of the food.

Others mentioned that the food was recommended to them by their vet doctors, while some others claimed to have paid thousands in bills accrued from the illness that followed.

According to a Facebook page with the name of the user; Jennifer Ann, she posted a picture of her adorable dog. He had intense kidney failure that could not be explained. Also, her dog had increased levels of vitamin D.

The dog vomited, had tremors and ultimately refused to eat any food. Her dog; Staley, sadly gave up the fight on the 16th of December. She paid bills of roughly $10000 to save the pup’s life. Like Laura, she asked for compensation from Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

A reporter at the Washington Post known as Caitlin Gibson also went on Twitter to lay her complaints. She said her dog died after consuming the same affected canned food from Hill’s Pet Nutrition. The dog also exhibited the signs of poisoning from Vitamin D.

It can be regarded as a sad time for dog lovers and dog owners across the nation.

To Wrap It Up

Hill’s Pet Nutrition stated that all the products that have been discarded would be replaced for no fee. All the dog owners need to do is to contact the pet stores or veterinary clinics, even the online store where they purchased them.

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