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Everything you will need to know about Hound Dogs

Hound Dog Facts

Hound Dogs are one of the world’s most common dog group type. There are various hound breeds, and virtually all of them share the common stats. The three main types of hounds and each type either use their scent, their sight, or both, to hunt down their prey. As such, they are mainly kept for hunting!

Let us look at the common characteristics that each of the hound’s shares, and what everything you will need to know about Hound Dogs.

General Characteristics

Typically, hound dogs are kept for hunting due to their acute sense of hearing and smell. As mentioned earlier, there are three types and they are being grouped according to the way they use their senses for hunting down.

For the scent hounds, they are typically stronger than the sighthounds. Sighthounds are known to be faster though since they take off once they sight the prey while the scent hounds will sniff around to confirm the presence of the prey before they start chasing them.

As for the outlook, generally, hounds are strong and all of them does give a baying sound. However, due to the wide spectrum of the different breeds in the Hound Dogs Breed Group, it will be tough to nail down their generic features. Some of the hound breeds have a longer coat than others, and there are hounds who are much taller than others. But we do agree that all hounds are brave!

Having said all those, hounds do make good family pets as they can be loyal to their owners. Just treat them well, and they will treat you equally as nice.


Hounds are pretty intelligent! Just look at the way they hunt, which is to use their keen sense of sight and smell to hunt the prey down. While this is the case, it can also be tricky trying to train the hounds as they are known to be stubborn, maybe due to their high IQ, hence you might need to use training aids to assist you along the way.


As for the temperament of the dog, generally, they are loyal as well as being fiercely brave. They tend to be good hunting dogs as well as guard dogs too. Hounds are typically very friendly towards humans, and their intelligence ensures that they are always aware of impending danger.

While these are just some of the generalization of the temperament across the different hound breeds, there do exist some outliers at which might not be too suitable for families with small children.

For example, Greyhounds love to have peace and quiet, and this is not possible when the house does have small children. Hence, when there are too many noises, their natural instinct is to develop an aversion towards the child, and this can be detrimental to either side.


As you can see, though generally, the hounds are strong, athletic as well as loyal, there can be very specific traits that might not be too suitable for families with young children. You will need to really read up about each specific hound breed to be able to discern if it is the perfect dog for you. But if you are indeed looking for hunting dogs, most of the hounds will be suitable for you!

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