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5 Essential Dog Care Tips to Keep Your Pet Happy


Our adorable furry friends are unarguably our best friends in the animal kingdom. The arrival of a dog in the family heralds many happy feelings.

Your puppy becomes an instant playmate to your kids, and when he grows up, his barks and sharp instincts alert you to the presence of an intruder on your property. Dogs shower their owners with unconditional love, loyalty, and most importantly companionship. You can’t appreciate them enough by giving them a happy life.


This article presents to you five things to keep your dog healthy, safe, and happy. Your relationship with your dog will be a long-lasting and mutually beneficial companionship if you can follow these tips.

Be your dog’s companion

For dogs to stay happy and healthy, they need a lot of companionship and love from their owners. You should make sure the dog spends most of his time in the house with the family. A fenced yard or doghouse may provide a large playing ground for your dog, but they still need to spend quality time with humans who can shower them with love and affection through petting, feeding, treats, playing games and so on.

Give your dog a nutritionally balanced diet and constant water supply

The dietary requirements of your dog are determined by different factors such as the age, breed, and health condition, so be sure to ask your vet about what’s appropriate for your dog. With age, your dog’s food will start changing, and you must check and clean their teeth regularly to make sure they are feeding properly. Also, make sure to keep out harmful people foods and poisonous plants out of your dog’s reach. Also, watch out for pet food that has a heavy chemical content. And watch out for pet food with the heavy use of chemical additives and preservatives. 

Keep your dog on a leash whenever you are on public property

Whenever you are going out of your property, make sure to keep your dog on a leash always, even if he has a valid dog license, rabies tag, and ID tag. As a responsible pet parent, the best thing for you, your dog, and the public is to have total control of your pet at every point in time, especially when you are out on shared public spaces.

Enroll your dogs in a training class

Sometimes, your relationship with your dog becomes a difficult affair if he starts misbehaving. A training class is a safe and humane way of effectively controlling his behavior, and the experience can impact your relationship with your furry friend positively.

Be a patient pet owner

Always remember that despite all his stellar qualities and graceful nature, your dog is still an animal and will exhibit some animalistic behaviors no matter the level of training it has received. Set reasonable expectations about your dog, and remember that you can always resolve most behavioral issues raised by your animal companion.

Seek the advice of your vet or local animal shelter if your dog starts exhibiting a behavior you can’t control, and you may find out that it wasn’t the dog’s fault all along.

Practice these tips, and watch your dog become your best friend and guardian angel. Dogs will forever be our best friends, and we can always return their kind gestures by keeping them happy with these essential dog tips.

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