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Dogs Found Days After they Flee From an Accident Spot

A horrible crash became a much bigger nightmare for a Boulder couple when their beloved dogs fled from the scene. Lani Rathcke had been traveling with her boyfriend to Four Mile Canyon on Monday when she crashed up her Jeep.

Rathcke told sister station KCNC- “I was knocked out. When I came to my senses, I realized what had happened. I looked over and saw that my boyfriend was having a seizure. My dogs Charlie and Reba are not here, they are nowhere to be found.

Her boyfriend is recuperating in the ICU, but Rathcke and her family are worried about their dogs and have searched everywhere for them and also taken to social media for help.

Miraculously, both the dogs have been found relatively unhurt after days being on the loose. Reba was found on Thursday and Charlie was found a couple of days after that.

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