Boston Terrier Breed

Boston Terriers are handsome dogs that everybody would feel proud having one, as they are so cute, caring and warm companions of the people.

They even have a nickname for their caring character, as the “American Gentlemen”. The nature of these dogs is calm, kind and peaceful, but they are also territorial. That is why they can become bitty if other dogs attempt approaching their territory.

These dogs are of a height 1- 1.3 foot, weight 10 to 25 pounds and a lifespan 13-15 years and if not taken care of, they can definitely become overweight.

They are prone to grow stress as a short-nosed dog, as they have difficulties in cooling the air going into the lungs, a reason why they sometimes can have breathing complications and frequent snoring and drooling.

Moreover, they are not meant to resist cold weather as they have a short hair coat; while, as their eyes are large and bulbous they can be prone of corneal ulcers. Another characteristic of American Gentlemen is that they are very gassy dogs.

In their personality, Boston Terriers can be tenacious but when properly trained, they are good at reading owners body language and voice tone.

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