American Eskimo

Eskies are Nordic of Spitz family and often are identified as good-looking dogs, having a white coat, black shiny eyes and lovely physic. They are small in size, between 10-30 pounds.

They like to have an active life, filled with joy and entertainment in a family environment. These dogs go well with other dog buddies and people familiar to them- on the other hand, they are less friendly with those they do not know.

By their nature, Eskies are energetic, smart and full of joy, ready to do well on any activity – so keeping an Eskie busy is the best thing to avoid the boredom that it might easily experience if left quiet and sluggish. These dogs just enjoy engaging themselves in different activities such as playing, running, and hiking.

They love being accompanied, so, in case of leaving an American Eskimo alone for a long time, it certainly might experience separation anxiety. Eskies are born leaders and if they found small pets, they instinctively chase them.

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