Monkey Dogs or Affenpinscher dog breed; just adore hanging around home, in get-togethers and shops. Their size is not considerable and they are seen as the best women companions.

These dogs are so proactive and enthusiastic even though they are small in size. They are equally attractive and brave – so adorable. They are born to travel around and explore and for that reason, they adapt quickly to new environments. Even that they are small in size and have a great sense of kindness, they are also daring and cautious, thus being fearless and excellent watchdogs.

They are typically calm and noiseless, though, when they are excited and alerted, they do not easily calm down. They are unquestionably territorial animals – protecting everything that is theirs: the family, the owner, the yard and everything else, besides – if they feel someone getting close to their belongings, they can easily become furious and bark a lot.

Their name “Affenpinscher” is German – “Affe” for monkey and “Pinscher” for terrier.

They are naturally stubborn dogs, but when they get the proper training exercises, they, without a problem, can learn respect towards the owner.

It is important not to get the wrong association of stubbornness with an impoliteness or vulgarity, as they are very caring dogs – ready to obey and learn new techniques from the owner. Something to keep in mind when planning to have a Monkey Dog is that they do not easily get affected to kids – sometimes they can even bite them if they consider that are being provoked.

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