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Bulldogs Celebrating Father’s Day


Father’s Day is a huge celebration that happens on every third Sunday of June in the United States. It revolves around the gratitude for the contribution fathers and father figures make into their children’s lives! It is thought that its origins started from a memorial service, which was held for a large group of men (most of them fathers) that were killed in a mining accident in 1907, in West Virginia, Monongah to be more exact!

Dogs are no exception, as we have gathered some of the most loving moments captured between Father and Son Bulldogs!

1.  Closer to my Daddy!


2.  Feelin’ good, hood! Got my daddy watchin’ over me!

3. Okay then Daddy, I’ll lie/rest here with you!

4.  Kiddos, watch Daddy get it for you!

5.  I’m right here lil’ punk, get to meet WATER!

6.  On this Father’s Day, sleeping together is one lovely gift!

7.  Okay now, I deserve some recognition!

8.  A walk along the beach with Daddy is just awesome!

9.  Thank you for lookin’ up to me, child!

10.  Happy Father’s Day, you best Daddy in this whole wide world!

11.  Kids have gone to sleep, now Daddy will treat himself right!

12.  Love you, Dad!

13. Okay son, today we’ll have to teach you some harder tricks!

14.  On this Father’s Day son, we deserve some rubs on our bellies!

15.  Daddy, get to meet my loving side!

16.  One proud Father!

17.  We are the game today!

18.  I am staying by my Dad’s side all day, today!

19. Daddy, am I on the right track?

20.  Hold on tight, sonny! We’re gonna rock this!

21.  Oh, I love you too, son!

22.  Beware of your little son, who will now hug you as hard as a giant!

23.  Love you too, son! That’s the secret!

24. Yes, sir! That’s right! I’m this boy’s Daddy and a very proud one!

25.  On this Father’s Day son… I’m gonna show you a game we’ve never played before!

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