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Who we are

Inside Dogs World is a website dedicated to the World of Dogs. We are dog lovers, and we want to show appreciation to other people who share the same passion as we do. Thus, we created insidedogsworld.com. This primary aim was transpired through the vision of creating a haven of appreciation for our beloved dogs and revering them through the uploading of their pet videos as well as pictures of their adorable selves.

This is in turn with the similar aim to create a friendly venue for like-minded pet lovers that share the same passion – love for dogs.

Through this venue, we would like to reach out to similar dog lovers who share the same passion and sentiments for our beloved dogs. This is to encourage them, that they have someone they can rely on in keeping the love for their dogs, regarding them not only as pets but as part of the family as well.

You can contact us at [email protected]

How to submit

Any owner of Siberian Husky, Pit Bull Dog, German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher, Bull Terrier, Bull Dog, Boston Terrier, Affenpinscher, and other breeds are welcome to join our community. All passionate dog lovers are welcome to join and are free to upload their pet dogs’ videos or pictures using our Dogs World Picture and Video Submission Platform.

In joining our online community, dog lovers are welcome to upload their dog’s videos and pictures through our partner portal (http://submit.insidedogsworld.com) as they will be able to express their growing love and affection for their beloved dogs through this gesture. They will be placed strategically throughout the website and shared on our Facebook Fan Pages, dedicated to each of the above breeds.

Apart from creating a community of dog lovers sharing the same passion of love for their loyal furry friends, we also created the site to raise awareness that these dogs also have a right to be cared for and loved. They tend to be very loyal and dependable especially when they are well taken care of and given a sense of importance. This is one of our main aims as well, and we intend to keep this going until we create an overall awareness of the fact that dogs should not be taken for granted and responsible pet ownership should be strictly implemented.

All in all, we at insidedogsworld.com did not create the site only for the enshrinement of pet dogs and to showcase them as adorable and cuddly. We designed it to build a community that will raise awareness that humans and animals (particularly pet dogs) should live in harmony together without any conflicts to be experienced.

Our Social Media Reach

Our social media reach is growing every day across different platforms. We have a solid but unique Fans and followers across all our platforms and are working hard to expand our network further so we can spread and increase the love for Dogs around the World.

You can visit some of our social media addresses by using the links below:

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