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5 Pet Behavior Problems and How to Solve Them


Sometimes, your pet decides to be the animal that he is, and this gets you all strung up. But inappropriate behaviors exhibited by your pet shouldn’t be the end of your relationship. Most pet behavioral issues can be resolved if you have the patience and know the right things to do. Here are five pet behavior problems and what you can do to get a pet back on track.

1. Your pet likes to do his thing at inappropriate places when you are walking him

Solution: If you live in the city, it is wrong to allow your dog to urinate at the only tree on the block because the tree will be dead from salt poisoning if every other dog owner chooses the same spot for their dog to urinate. Also, don’t allow your dog to enter small gardens and flower beds to pooh. Make sure to pick after your dog because not picking after your pet is one of the most annoying things that irritate non-owners.

2. You are going nuts with all the dander from your friend’s dog

Solution: Dander is the tiny skin flakes or saliva that dries on the animal’s fur during the process of grooming which gets lodged into upholstery and carpets, and it can lead to allergies in people. If you share a room with the pet owner, you can take antihistamines or desensitization shots. Another way of controlling this problem is to bath the dog every week. Make sure to restrict the dog’s access to your sleeping area as much as possible to reduce the amount of dander and hair in your sleeping space. An air cleaner can also help reduce dander.

3. Your dog can’t stop barking while you are away

Solution: Before leaving your home, make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible in your absence. Exercise the dog in the morning, feed him, provide a toy to play with, and some blankets to sleep on, and he may spend the day having fun and sleeping. It’s also important to identify what makes him bark incessantly. A treat before going out can also help douse his anxiety. Experts also recommend leaving the TV or radio on because silence can cause your dog a lot of stress. If these don’t work, you may have to take your dog to an animal day-care center.

4. Strangers and their kids are always trying to pet your dog

Solution: If people always want to pet your animal, politely inform them not to touch him. In fact, it is important to warn strangers off if your dog has a bad temperament. You can tell them he doesn’t do well with strangers or that he is having a bad day. If your dog is friendly to strangers, ask them to begin petting him under the chin because touching a dog from above may make him feel threatened. When you are meeting a dog for the first time, make sure to seek the permission of the owner before trying to touch the dog. Then close your hand and hold it before the dog to sniff. It is also important to teach kids the right way of dealing with dogs.

5. Your child was bitten or scratched by a strange dog

Solution: The first thing to do is giving the child first aid, then seek the help of a medical professional. The child may need to be given antibiotics because the saliva and claws of dogs contain bacteria, making their bites and scratches extremely infectious. You should ask the pet owner if the dog’s vaccination program is up to date, and ask for proof. The actions of an animal are the responsibility of the owner, so the pet owner should pay the medical bills unless the animal was provoked.

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