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5 Fun Indoor Games for Your Dog

Top popular indoor games with your dog

Spending your precious limited time in a game with your dog can be very challenging, especially when your personal time starts after the sunset. Yet, even with shorter days, finding the time to fit into your dog’s life through different fun and dynamic games is the best thing you can do. By keeping your dog active, happy, and entertained, you also enhance bonds that you share with him, focusing him more into you.

Many people fear that playing with a dog takes much of their time and energy, but in fact is not the case as the time and energy needed to play fun dog games it is not more than that spent in a session of fitness workouts.

Another concern shared amongst dog owners is categorizing the proper time to play specific games with their dogs.  Well, there is no such as perfect time for any game, but everyone must try choosing a game by matching dog’s behavior and motivation, energy, and level of engagement that each game you know requires. What everyone must be aware of is that almost every game requires playing toys or treat, or both as motivational instruments to keep the dog dynamic in the game.

To know which are the most popular dog games, we will name the 10 most interesting and fun interactive games that you can play with your dog indoors, at times when you have no possibility getting your dog outside. Playing these games is not useful for your dog only, as, through them, you will be fortunate enough to keep your physical and mental balance additionally. However, avoid keeping your dog in a game for too long, as this might cause his irritation or overexcitement.

Keep your dog active and do not forget to make every game pleasurable and engaging for both of you!

1. Hide and Seek Game

Hide and seek is an old simple game played also between kids, that dogs totally adore it. This game is perfect as it offers your dog, great indoor exercises that make him happy, curious, and energetic – same time developing his hunting skills.

Things needed: No toy or treat needed

Game rules: To prepare for the game, you must put your dog in a stay position in a room.

As soon as you did these preparations, hold onto the following steps:

  • Move into another room and hide in a place there where the dog can effortlessly find you (in the start until the dog understands the game)
  • As soon as you hide, give the dog the command “come”
  • Give the dog compliments as soon as he finds you
  • Repeat the game by hiding in a tougher place for the dog to find you

2. Find the treat

This is another game that is widespread, as it offers the dog the needed hunting skills and it keeps him curious and physically active. Moreover is very easy to play it and dogs enjoy it a lot.

Take an old tube sock with dog’s favorite treat inside and play with him.

Things needed: An old tube sock with dog’s favorite treat inside

Game rules: The first thing you do is get an old tube sock inside which you place your dog’s favorite treat. As soon as you do this, make sure keeping your dog in a stand, stay or down position – as you do not want him to follow you and watch you and discover the place where you are hiding the sock.

As soon as you did these preparations, hold onto the following steps:

  • Give your dog the sock so he can get the smell of the treat inside and it will provoke his interest to find it the time you hide it
  • Hide the sock in a place where the dog can easily find it (especially in the start, since the dog needs to understand the game first)
  • As you see that dog spotting the hidden sock, use the command, i.e. “Get”
  • Use this command several times, until you make sure the dog moves towards it – gets the sock and brings it to you
  • As soon as he comes to you with the sock give it back to him by complimenting him with “good dog” or “very good” or “great”
  • Start over the game by hiding the sock in a more difficult place for the dog to find it
  • Repeat the game a few times until you see a drop of dog’s curiosity for playing it

3. The Muffin Tin Game

This game is preferred being played at times when you want to keep the dog’s mind active and curious, especially when the dog is bored.

Keep your dog's mind active and curious with this muffin tin game

Things needed: Muffin tin, dog’s favorite treat, and tennis balls

Game rules: Get in one place a muffin tin, your dog’s favorite treat broken into two or three pieces and several tennis balls – enough to fill every cup of the muffin tin.

As soon as you did these preparations, hold onto the following steps:

  • Place the broken pieces of the dog’s treat into different cups of the muffin tin
  • Hide treats by putting tennis balls in each cup of the muffin tin to make it difficult for the dog to find muffin tin cups with treats hidden on them
  • Let your dog smell the balls in the muffin tin until he finds the hidden treats by removing the ball (help him until he properly understands the game)
  • When the dog gets the treat to compliment him with “good dog” or “very good”
  • Repeat the game until the dog loses his interest in playing it

4. Stair Sprints Game

This is a very helpful game in case you want your dog to keep his body in a good shape, as, through this exercise, all of his muscles will be kept active. It is a little risky game, as the dog can fall in the stairs and for that, it is not preferred for little puppies.

Make your dog physically active with this stair game

Things needed: Dog’s favorite treats

Game rules: You and another person should be holding a treat, one of you at the top of stairs and one at the bottom, while the dog stands at the bottom of stairs.

As soon as you do these preparations, hold onto the following steps:

  • The partner standing at the top of stairs must call the dog with “come” and as soon as he gets there he must get the treat
  • Immediately as the dog gets the treat from your partner, make him back to the bottom of stairs with “come” and as he comes to give him the treat you are holding
  • Repeat the game until the dog gets physically tired

5. Blanket Hurdles Game

This game helps your dog creativity grow, and keeps his physics active, and most essentially it is very enjoyable for both, you and the dog.

Blank and towel game to play with your dog

Things needed: Rolled-up blankets or towels

Game rules: Get two blankets or towels with which you make a simple obstacle course, and create sufficient space in other parts of the room, so the dog can run without obstruction and not hurt himself, or anyone else at home.

As soon as you did these preparations, hold onto the following steps:

  • Place the two rolled-up blankets on the room’s floor
  • Get your dog walk with you through the two obstacle courses several times
  • As he learns crossing these two obstacles, give him the command to “stay” at one end of the room
  • Make him “come” to you as you stand in the opposite side of the room from where the dog is standing, and the dog will come to you by overpassing the rolled-up blankets
  • As dogs properly learn the game you can add more blankets
  • Repeat the game until you notice dog’s loss of interest to play it

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