30 Exceptional Gift Ideas for your Dog

Labrador puppy looking in christmas

The holiday season is here – just as for your dearests so as for your four-legged friends. Christmas and New Year’s shopping is ON!

You may want to start looking up earlier so that you have everything planned and thought of! Get the best gifts, avoid any delays, miscalculations and so on.

Have a look at a bash we have gathered for you and pick at least five, or three or none… Voilà!

1. Litey Leash

Watch walking become a safe night routine! Fun and festive!

Litey Leash is always a good gift for your dog for holidays

2. Beer for Dogs

Non-alcoholic, containing USDA chicken and beef. Kick a few back with your mate on this special night!

Buy your dog a beer so you can enjoy a movie night together

3. Pet Sofa

Luxurious tufted sofa, no harm, kick back! Or that Perfect Dog Bed!

Pet sofa is e great luxury gift for your dog

4. Dog MArgrrrrita

Of course you should enjoy every detail during the season and this the best thing to start the party-mood on while preserving consciousness

Preaper a margarita for your dog so you can celebrate together

5. Custom Stuffed Animal

Make a new mini-your-pet and pal

Stuffed animal toy for your dog

6. Dog Water Fountain

Jackpot! This dog will be the happies when he can enjoy its sprinkling specialty!

Dog water fountain will make your dog very happy for holidays

7. Dog Treat Dispenser

For your collector, or treat-lover… you know!

Dog gift for holidays: treat dispencer

8. Dog Peek

I find this the best. But, watch out how/where you place it in your yard… Great!

Dog peak present for your pet

9. Tennis Ball Launcher

The hyper oversize-slingshot making any dog a puppy-in-the-park again

Tennis ball launcher gift for dogs


10. Doggie Cigars

100% legal! Toys…

Dog cigars as toys are a special gifts for dogs for holidays

11. iFetch

Fetching is no longer a matter of MUST, you can leave this to serve your dog a few cool balls/shots!

Tennis ball launcher is a great gift idea for your dog

12. Dog Tuxedo

For an extra chic and cool vibe!

If you want your dog to look fancy for Christmas, buy him a tuxedo

13. Log bowls

Eating and drinking off the floor now comes in color and just-off-the-floor cool shapes!

Dogs will love them and they look pretty

14. Everlasting treat ball

Making up for a nice game and a nice treatment!

Everlasting ball will be your dogs joy more than just once

15. Dog umbrella

Properly ready even on a rainy day!

Source: https://www.toxel.com/

16. Dog Hoodie 

For cool dogs!

Dog hoodies are great present for your beloved pet

17. Doggie Raincoat

Cool protection and accessory for your fluffy friend!

Dogs raincoat are a great present for your dog

18. Doggie Treadmill

If your dog needs to shed some pounds but cannot really make up for it outdoors!

Dog treadmill, expensive gift but worth every penny

19. The Dog Hammock

Yes, there is even a dog hammock!

Dogs hammock are comfortable and look good

20. If you are short on space

You can get the custom Murphy bed for dogs to keep everybody happy in a small space!

Short on space? Gift your dog a murphy bed

21. Dog bowl

With top lid to keep everything fresh!

Dog bowl with lid so your dog's food keeps fresh

22. A dog collar pouch

For carrying baggies if your dog gets super-excited every time you leave the grocery store carrying a few bags and he wants to grab them!

great gift for your dog is also one collar pouch

23. Personalized dog tags

Not that the dog will really care for this one! More for your own pleasure!

Personalized dog tags can be a very good gift for your pet this holiday

24. H20 Travel Bottle

And get into the woods with your best!

Water bottle for your dog

25. Chuckit Launcher

Rest your powers for a while!

Great gift for you and your pet

26. Dog TV

Buy into a dog tv program that will fascinate you and your dog for a while! Cute, fluffy dogs doing the cutest of things on TV! Enjoy watching!

Dog tv will keep your pet entertained

27. Dog Tracker

For those obsessed with being aware of your dog’s presence and you can also see how active he is during the day, miles and all!

Dog tracker will make easier for you to know where he is if he gets out of home

28. PAWW Secret Agent Leash

It is great because there is a quick-tether clip that allows you to securely attach your companion to parking meters and signs without having to unleash them.

Excellent holiday gift for your fur friend

29. Dog perfume

For a representable smell!

Dog perfume gift just because


Or just Upgrade the gears for 2017 as we informed you with our exhibition! Or buy a Bake a Bone – for the kitchen-lover dog. Please him as now you really can!

Have fun bacing some treats for your dog

Or make a Christmas package, pick and combine! Why not even get a unicorn horn for yourself!

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