Becoming a Dog Owner

25 Things no one told you before getting a Dog (Part 1)

Watch out where you live your shoes

1. You will be picking up poop in the most nerve-wracking places. Your dog’s choice of the perfect place to poop will not always relate to yours!

Picking dog poop is no fun, but a must

2. You will not be able to take your eyes off your pup – fearing they will chew or eat something from the floor or elsewhere inappropriate.

Dogs love to chew everything they find

3. You will be sleepless during the first few months until your puppy starts growing and getting comfortable. Until then, they will cry the night on end unless you stay awake

Puppies will keep you up all night at the beginning

4. What a great date… Now, I gotta go feed my dog! – You will always want to get back home to your dog…always!

Puppy waiting home for you to feed him

5. You will be breaking your rules one by one… furniture rule, specific room rule, all rules!

Guilty puppy face

6. Ahhh… your Louis Vuitton will be torn apart if left in unplanned places!

Watch out where you live your shoes

7. You will start relating to new parents when they tell you all about the crazy things their babies do… instead, you will be thinking about your puppy!

Bull Terrier Puppy is my baby

8. Hi! – oh again, I thought it was about me… Now, almost everyone will want to stop you to cuddle your dog! Explode in anger over a hundred times daily!

Stranger hugging dog in the street

9. People that would never speak to you – now regard you as their good friend. Do not think it is because of you! Use it, though

Friend taking selfie with your dog

10. You will be excited to come back home even from the greatest of holidays.

Dog happy to see his owner

11. Who’s going to look after the dog? – will be your most frequently asked question!

Looking after your dog

12. You will talk about your dog to strangers – A LOT!

Talking with strangers about your dog

13. You will not be able to say freely the words “walk”, “treat”, and “play”.

Cute dog wanting to walk

14. You will never be alone in the toilet again!

Dog waiting his human at the toilet

15. They whine to go out in the garden and then whine to get right back inside; or, they will beg for food, only to turn their heads around when you serve it. They have a way of dancing their way towards their goals!

Dog wanting to come inside so they can go outside again

16. Just as you thought you have a moment to relax while your dog plays alone – You will have to retrieve the toys under the bed or stuck somewhere in the house, ALWAYS!

Dog stuck in a shelf

17. Screaming out “COME!”, “COME!”, “COME!”, in the street will obviously turn heads, leaving you looking like you’re shooting a sex scene!

Embarrassed moment when you shout your dog

18. Everyone thinks you do not have a life – because you have a puppy now!

My pet is my life

19. Small black crumbles on the floor will never be chocolates, again.

That's food, not chocolate

20. Get used to feeling the world’s worst mom or dad, almost daily!

Guilty face dog

21. Your social life – will be relaxing on the backseat! You are no longer your priority!

Dog is your life

22. Buying fancy stuff for yourself will no longer be a requirement

fancy stuff for your dog

23. Learn to manage frustration – you will need it!

Frustrated with your dog

24. Your dog will introduce you to some unimaginable territories you never noticed before!

Exploring the world with dog

25. You will learn a new language. Your dog will introduce you to it!

Communicating with your dog

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