Becoming a Dog Owner

25 Stuff No One Told You Before Getting a Dog (Part 2)

Dog stealing food on the freedge

1. Your schedule will not be yours to organize anymore – it will revolve around an animal!

Cute puppy dissapproving your schedule

2. Your dog will provide you with great excuses when you are not in the mood to attend events or social gatherings– this will be his favor to you!

Excuses to dont go outside and instead to stay home with your pet

3. Get ready to expand your expenses!

Buying stuff for your dog

4. Now, food will finally not be left unattended!

Dog stealing food

5. Learn to stand tall at their stare – it is not affection, so don’t break!

Dog staring

6. Your home windows will be all wiped in dog lick!

Husky licking window

7. Sex will be interrupted!

No privacy with dogs around

8. Get ready to burn your house down, if your dog catches fleas!

Dog scratching himself

9. Puppy training is tough – do not expect them to be all educated on their own!

Dog training can be hard

10. Now that you bathed me, I can jump on mud! – is your dog’s constant state of mind!

Dirty dog right after bath

11. Panic will grab you by the throat when you forget to bring your dog’s poop bag with you!

Dog poop bag

12. Times when your dog will show all their love for another just-met dog-friend – will never cease to amaze you!

Dogs meeting for the first time

13. All the more, if the other dog seems to care less about your dog’s show of affection

Sad Bulldog dog

14. Accept to be rejected – all the times you try to give your dog your passionate kiss

Dogs refuse to get kissed

15. You will fail a lot at Fetch – your dog will keep the ball for themselves

Dog keeping the balls for himself

16. Watch your dog perform inappropriate behavior toward your guests and look ridiculous trying to explain!

Dog smiling in an awkward way

17. Your meals will frequently vanish, somehow!

Dog stealing food on the freedge

18. Forget about “quick walk” – your dog will be the one to decide how quickly the walks will be. SNIFFING is a serious job, remember!

Dog sniff everything during walk

19. Allow your dog to enjoy their favorite TV show, after all, the Dog enjoys human entertainment, from time to time!

Dogs love to watch TV time after time

20. Occasionally, they may exhibit manners better than yours!

Dog metitating

21. You will always have a friend that listens, though!

Human's best friend is dog

22. You will finally be able to define the word ‘unconditional’!

Dog's love is unconditional

23. But, having your dog by your side through desperate times, will make you realize that despite all the dog shenanigans, you can no longer imagine your life without them! And this is not just puppy love!

Dogs are indeed our best thing in life

24. “It’s fine, I’ve got my dog!” – will make grudges suddenly disappear from your life!

Me plus dog equals love

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