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20 Secrets Why Dogs Make Us Happy

Secrets that dogs make us happy

There are plenty of reasons why humans and dogs have this natural strong and fruitful bond that makes both blissful consuming it. Yet, let us focus on whys that lead us to the wanted answers about the secrets of humans being happy by owning a dog.

The following point of views for which you probably never thought of will surprise you, as you will be revealed some fascinating truths behind one of the oldest relationship in the world, that of human and dogs!

1.  Each Dog Has His Unique Character

Each dog is unique

Meaning dogs are not all the same, as they are prone to react differently to one of each other to the same situation, something that makes each of them unique, interesting, and entertaining! That is why many compare the dog-human relationship to a human-human friendship.

2.  Dogs Affection is Concrete

Dogs affection and love toward his human

As people hesitate to show their love, dogs’ love and adoration are much easier to tell, as dogs are thrilled proving their love for something or someone in the simplest way! Dogs even teach us to be less reserved about showing love to the others and make us better contributor in a relationship.

3.  Dogs Make the Best Psychologist

Dogs Make the Best Psychologist

As we feel down, stressed or blue, a dog is the best friend that can make us forget everything and change our humor quickly by transferring those moments into peaceful and lovely instants offering their frank love and care. Dogs are very empathic towards people and they do everything to make them feel happy!

4.  Dogs are Uncritical

Dogs are Uncritical

Whatever happens to you or whatever you do, even if it is the most awful thing, dogs are there with you not being judgmental or asking anything about that at all.

5. We Look Cheerful with a Dog

We Look Cheerful with a Dog

As we, most of the times are affected by how the others perceive us; a fact is that around a dog the likelihood for the others to conclude that we are happy is much bigger than when with a friend or unaccompanied at all. Naturally, when the others believe we are happy, the probability is to become happy – and this is what we get from having a dog of our own. In addition, with a dog around, we have a smaller amount of time to focus on things that make us feel blue and stressed – a touch that makes our lives enjoyable.

6.  Dogs Make us Physically Active

Dogs Make us Physically Active

We need to make sure our dog walks few miles every day, as it is basic for maintaining his physical and mental shape and there is no compromise to be made in this regards; particularly not if we want to avoid aggression, misbehavior, the despair of our dog. Despite this, we also need to teach our dog commands in order to build leadership and rules – essential for an appropriate dog integration into humans’ world – something that needs persistent training sessions. All this regular physical activity is especially entertaining and healthy for us too, as despite burning calories we also fight stress, diseases, and melancholy.

7.  Living with a Dog Is a Life Changing Experience

Living with a Dog Is a Life Changing Experience

Having or having not a fish, a bird or a cat in our home, it does not make a big difference as regards of the way we organize our daily routine – as we can easily perform solely our regular activities and so they can – without any of both getting affected too much by it. However, when it comes to having a dog, this is very different – as you truly live together and any absence of yours affects the dog and vice-versa. Dogs cannot stand being alone and not sharing-receiving love and care by people and it goes for people too relating to dogs!

8. Dogs Make Us Adoptable

Dogs Make Us Adoptable

Typically, we want for our home to be dreamily systematized and kept the way we like it. Well my friend, when having a dog home, you absolutely need to learn being tolerable with having some dog hair and a lot of chaos on every corner of the house – just for the sake of enjoying the love and pleasure of having this lovely animal around you and your family. Assuredly, this experience will increase your adaptability sense even for other new events in life!

9. We have Tighter Relationship with Dogs

We have Tighter Relationship with Dogs

People do not have a modest relationship with dogs; contrary, it is a complex and very strong one, as it is filled by many elements such as the passionate connection, daily communication, social effect and by the strong mutual commitment. Therefore, human-dog bonds are much stronger and tighter than that of humans with other animals.

10. Dogs Make Us Inspired and Imaginative

Dogs Make Us Inspired and Imaginative

We do not verbally communicate with dogs, therefore the only language we both understand is body language by sensing each other’s reactions to specific situations. To do this, we as humans – that are led mainly by reason – need to absolutely get inside dog’s world and use a certain amount of natural drive, imagination, and creativity in order to be able interpreting what the dog is trying to tell us. Dogs, equally, inspire us to become tolerant, trustful, loyal, caring, simple, and us – making us enjoy life more and become less icy.

11.  Dogs Make Us Feel Parents

Dogs Make Us Feel Parents

Any dog owner gets motivated to take care of the dog’s needs, does things to make his dog happy, and tries to be there for teaching and protecting him anytime needed, with the same sense of responsibility that a parent does for his child. This sense of responsibility and privilege upsurges the sense of satisfaction in human.

12. Dogs Make Us more Social

Dogs Make Us more Social

Being with a dog in public, you are more likely to grab attention and comments of the different people. This is very positive as it offers an opportunity for you to meet with others you did not know before and create new friendships – especially with those who are dog owners and dog lovers.

13.  Dogs Love To Interact With Us

Dogs Love To Interact With Us

Modern life tells us to be less in need of each other, and this is why we often end up not speaking a real conversation with anyone for days. On the other hand, we have dogs that are thrilled of being playing with us and listen of what we want to tell – something that absolutely avoids the sense of aloneness.

14.  Dogs Don’t Categorize People

Dogs Don’t Categorize People

We, humans, are likely to change our attitude towards as person, as soon as we find what its job, marital status, its incomes, its age, its health, its sexual orientation or religion is. Well, this does not make any sense to dogs, as they act equally, with the same sense of interest, towards any person who shows affection to them.

15. Dogs Truly Miss Us

Dogs Truly Miss Us

As we walk inside the house, the dog jumps and barks from the excitement of seeing us. That is how much your dog has really been missing you the time being away. Well, we do not get to see that excitement on people very much!

16. Dogs increase our self-confidence

Dogs increase our self-confidence

The level of self-confidence is affected by the way we perceive ourselves and how the others respond towards what we say or do.  When we have a dog, typically our self-confidence increases as we explore more our potentials by offering care and love that is reflected back in the dog’s reaction towards us.

17. Dogs Don’t Care of Others Age

Dogs Don’t Care of Others Age

One of the greatest benefits we can get from a dog is their companionship, regardless of age we have. Dogs do not mind if you are a baby or an old person, all they pay attention at is getting and giving adoration, care, and support. This unique dog attribute is especially important to older people, who usually are in more need of a real company, as they start losing their best friends.

18. Dogs Keep Us Away From Concerns

Dogs Keep Us Away From Concerns

With such a lively world, everyone has an endless list of things to preoccupy about – producing anxiety, panic, and blues that keep us far away from being happy. Well, having a dog in our lives, things absolutely change, as dogs require a lot of attention and care – thus helping us focus simply on them and not on these upsetting thoughts.

19. Dogs Make the Most Loyal Friends

Dogs Make the Most Loyal Friends

Each of us has at least once suffered from a bad friendship, where our spoken secrets were falsely and dishonesty revealed. That is why dogs make the best friends you could have, as you can have a conversation with them on whatever you want, take them with you wherever and whenever you like, yet they will not say a word, – instead, they will probably love you more!

20. Dogs Help Us See Alternatively

Dogs Help Us See Alternatively

As we see the existing differences between dogs and us and, yet are aware of the close relationship we run, we get encouraged to avoid thinking inside the box – something that help us be more happy and successful in life, as we will start seeing and thinking beyond the “impossible.”

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