Becoming a Dog Owner

18 Golden Rules for Pet Owners

Dogs golden rules

Having added a dog as a family member is one of the best experiences anyone can have! Likewise, this involves some extra responsibilities towards the dog and the community you and your dog live, too.

Saying that neighbors would not be ready having a dog in the neighborhood that is a source of problems for the community. As the owner, you are the main person in charge of taking care and accurately teaching your canine the way to behave and adapt into humans’ world.

Dog Roles, Rules and routines

These responsibilities must be wisely and systematically organized and offered, giving the dog all the necessary care and leading in a simple fun and enjoying way.

Do not ever forget that dogs are man’s best friend, and we expect that 18 following Rules of advice for you as a dog owner will make your relationship with your dog, one of the best in your life. You can learn how to establish dog boundaries and limitations, and read 10 First Time Dog Owner Mistakes to Avoid.

Enhance your bond with your beloved animal by establishing roles, rules, and routines as follow:

1. Keep the Dog Close By

Your dog’s lifespan is too short (10-13 years) and he has no one to take care of him but you. Make sure to show that you are ready to be there for the dog anytime he needs your attention, support, protection, and love.

Dogs need love and support

2. Show Love, Adoration, and Respect

Consider your dog a child who expects to get the necessary signals of love, support, protection, and respect from his dear parents. Do not ever try to overcome the necessity of your canine for support and love, by disregarding his calls to play, walk, or by leaving him behind. Remember the fact that you have your family, friends, a job, a hobby – while your dog has no one but you and you are his priority.

Dog needs love support and care

3. Walk and Exercise Your Dog Daily

A cheerful dog is a dog of a healthy mind and well worked out the body. Think of getting your dog for a walk and run daily, so he can keep his unneeded energy away and get his muscles working, in the meantime discovering new localities, meeting new people, dogs, and animals. Is not very uncommon when your dog does not want to walk. Keep exercising.

Dogs need walking

4. Socialize Your Dog

A dog that is not suitably socialized is prone to become bored stiff and unhealthy. The dog is absolutely a social being, enjoying a lot meeting other people or animals and sharing a little time fun with them. Get your dog to the park more often and offer him the opportunity to interact with others (new people or animals) freely – but only when you feel your dog is not offensive towards strangers. Play with your Dog and keep your dog as happy as you can.

Dogs are social animals

5. Play With Your Dog And Get Him to Play With Other Dogs

Dogs appreciate playing with others, the same as people do. They adore interacting in those same actions repeatedly, with no specific reason, just for the sake of being entertained while interacting with others. Involve your dog in a game for at least 30 minutes daily with you and other people, dogs or animals. There are so many exciting games dogs enjoy playing. Make sure the dog does not take the game too seriously as this might end up in a dogfight and destructive behavior towards you or other people.

Dogs love playing

6. You Are The Leader Not The Follower

Teach your beloved canine who the leader and who the follower is, using the appropriate dog training. It is essential for the dog not to become confused about who is the one to lead the relationship as if he does he is the one to take the lead himself. In its place, as this will result into unwelcomed dog behavior, such as disobeying you and aggressiveness, make sure to accurately teach your dog obedience, boundaries, limitations, and respect towards you, by enclosing several training exercises into your dog’s exercising routine.

Dogs are our followers

7. Get Your Dog the Needed Equipment

Same as children and other family members, dogs have their essential needs at home too. They must stay clean; they require a place to rest and sleep, they need plates to place their meal and water, toys to get entertained with and much more. Make sure your dog will not miss having the essential things at home such as a Collar, Leash, Toothbrush, Hairbrush, Shampoo, Bowls, Crate, Bed, Food, and Treats, Toys.

Dogs toys and accessories

8. Learn Your Dog Three Essential Dog Commands

Your dog needs your direction on how to properly behave and fit into the human’s world. Dogs do not learn suddenly same we people do, so offering your dog the proper training is essential. Start by teaching your dog the essential commands such as Limitation (Sit, Down, and Stand) – Sit is the command most dogs seem to learn first, Returning (Come) – Coming when called is a skill that could save your dog’s life, Resting (Stay) – It is very useful to have a dog who will stay on command as well. When the dog masters on these commands include other commands into your dog’s training routine.

Dogs need rules and commands

9. Be Patient With Your Canine

Dogs, even that we do not dare to admit it as we feel deep affection with, they all come from an instinctive world, entirely different from the world we live in as humans. It is on you as a dog owner to take care of the dog by giving him the needed time until he finds the way to properly adapt into and understand the way human’s world functions, and what we specifically need from them to learn. Be patient and work with your canine with full of composure.

Dogs in human world

10. Trust Your Dog

Do not become an owner who does not show faith towards his dog’s approaching actions. Trust is a more than needed quality of your relationship with the canine. Use the necessary techniques and activities to show your dog that you trust him and he can believe you back on whatever it happens.

Trust your dog

11. Talk to Your Dog

Dogs are social beings, and so they unconditionally want the interaction to function normally. Keeping communication with our dog by speaking to him is crucial. Nonetheless, what we want to say is important as well, so let your tone of voice show your dog the purpose of your talk, using different sounds when commanding, admiring, or correcting the dog. Anyhow, never use a negative tone of voice, as an alternative – if needed, use a serious one.

Talk with your dog

12. Understand The Dog’s Needs

Before jumping into harsh judgments towards the dog, as he misbehaves at times, as an alternative be cooperative and try to understand what is that is bothering the dog. I.e., if he might not get the proper meal, if he has stayed alone for too long, he is suffering an illness, your dog needs to play, walk, get washed or other.

Understand your dog's needs

13. Do Not Avoid Vet Examinations

Regular veterinary care is essential for the dog’s health and welfare, same as for people doctor’s examinations are. Make sure you provide your dog with yearly examinations, vaccinations, and dental checkups.

Examine your dog at the vet

14. Get ID And License For The Dog

In many world countries, giving your dog an identity is an obligation, the same as his licensing. Therefore giving your dog a nametag is a must, getting him registered and even a passport when traveling abroad is a must. It is preferable nowadays to even get your dog a computer chip to prevent him from getting lost.

Dogs need identity

15. Do Not Forget To Hydrate Your Dog

Do not avoid the fact that dogs need to be hydrated with fresh water often during the day. Let us say, in case you leave the house for a few hours, make sure to provide your dog access into a water bowl. As well, when exercising, the dog must be more hydrated – so make sure to offer him fresh water during brakes.

Hydrate your dog

16. Take Care of Dog’s Hygiene And Look

Take care of the dog same as you do of your children. Brush your dog’s teeth and groom him regularly to make sure he does not hold microbes and parasites. Wash your dog regularly as well. Avoid leaving your dog’s hygiene behind, as it is an essential factor of dog’s and other family members’ welfare.

Hygiene of your dog is important

17. Take Away Dog’s Poop

Your dog is not a human, so he might end up pooping in the most frequented public areas. However, it is on the owner’s responsibility to make sure it cleans up after his dog’s poop in public areas. Take a poop bag with you all the times you walk your dog outside.

Pick up of your dog's poop

18. Create Home Rules And Follow Them

An organizing system is needed everywhere, either at school, work, or home. The same goes when you have a dog around – you must set rules, boundaries, and limitations for the dog when in the house. This is important for the dog, as it creates that safe and secure feeling on him. To make your dog understand and retain the rules, you and your family members must not change the attitude towards the dog not at once; otherwise, the dog will get confused and might end up violating those rules.

Make rules for your dog and follow them

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