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15 Amazing Facts About Miniature Bull Terrier


There is so much more to the Miniature Bull Terrier than what meets the eyes.

The small, wiry and fearless miniature bull terrier is much more than a naked eye can see. This article sheds light on all the reasons why people love it and why you should get one now.

With its existence documented back in 1872 and origination in England, the miniature bull terrier was recognized as a breed in 1991 after getting membership from American Kennel Club (AKC) and became AKC’s 133 rd breed. There used to be three types of bull terrier: Miniature, toy and, but only miniature and standard bull terriers exist these days. This terrier breed is renowned across the globe due to its mind-boggling characteristics – some of which are mentioned below.

1. The Miniature Bull Terrier breed is famed for its small but, yet, well-defined muscular physique. Their egg-shaped head with dark-colored, rectangular, eyes gives it quite a look. Unlike many other breeds, miniature bull terrier has erected ear which isn’t altered; moreover, their tale is horizontally erected.

2. The stature of miniature bull terrier makes it the best fit for those who like spending time outdoors, indulging in activities like running and jogging. They have a height of 10-14 inches and usually weigh 25 to 30 pounds.

3. This breed can give birth to up to 9 pups but the most common range is one to five puppies. The probability of 9 puppies being conceived is very less. You should consult a professional vet for proper information.

4. Like bull terriers, the miniatures also have glossy, short and fine coats. Short coat saves you the effort of grooming. Miniature bulldogs shred more frequently compared to other breeds and you might need to brush the coat daily during the shedding season. Otherwise, brushing once or twice a week is enough for your pet. Rubbing the body – once or twice a week – with a wet towel can save your doggies from catching infections but it suggested that you bathe your dog using a mild shampoo and clean it well.

5. This breed is considered one of the most active and creative breeds. Just like humans, they need a lot of exercises the physique and keep their mind cool. They prefer taking long walks daily. You can let your pooch jog or romp out in a safe place. It helps in the enhancement of their mental and physical well-being.

6. Miniature Bull terriers are loving but they can stubborn like other breeds. They are also known for their courage. You are suggested not to let them off the leash because they can even stand up to larger animals and they might end up scaring other pets which you don’t really want. You can train them to behave well but their behavior can be variable when they confront another dog.

7. Miniature bull terriers are possessional of their people. They can be aggressive to people and other animals. You might’ve observed them acting in anger when they confront cats or same-sex dogs. If your pet isn’t highly trained to act normal when they confront cats or same-sex dogs then introducing a pet cat or a same-sex dog isn’t a good idea at all.

8. They require proper training during their early age. Their actions around kids or family totally depend on how they’ve been trained. As they grow older, they become less energetic which inhibits you from training them well. That’s why it is suggested that they should be trained in early ages. You might want to keep some kind of pets – including hamsters and gerbils – away because miniature bulldogs have high prey drive. Nature has equipped bull terriers with savvy senses. They can warn you if a stranger is approaching.

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9. Their small size allows them to live with you even in an apartment; nevertheless, you should take them out for their daily walk or for outdoor activities. If you plan to leave them unsupervised while going somewhere, you might want to provide him with different puzzle toys or chew toys because they can grow frustrated if they are not allowed to entertain themselves. They can end up digging into the ground or turning things upside down due to frustration and trust me, that’s not what you want.

10. Miniature bull terriers can be prone to diseases and you should take proper care to eliminate the chances of your dog falling sick. Skin and heart problems along with other issues, including deafness and PKD, are common in this breed. You should keep an eye on your doggy and monitor his activity. It will help you realize if there’s any problem. You can visit the vet regularly to ensure minimum risk of health issues.

11. This breed is pretty responsive to the diet. You are suggested to provide equal portions of food throughout the day and keep the quantity per potion low. It will ensure that your pet doesn’t feel bloating. Brisk activity and appropriate diet will lead to efficient growth.

12. As the name suggests, the miniature bull terrier is small in size and as mentioned earlier, they can pick up a fight with a relatively larger dog which can be harmful to your dog. That’s why we suggest you watch out every time you take them outdoors to let them play in the parks or even a walk.

13. Use healthy and high-quality food to maximize the chances of proper growth. You can follow a schedule to keep your dog in shape. Make sure that you use clean water or healthy milk for drinking purposes because they can poor quality products can mess up their tummy.

14. Provide them with opportunities to perform their activities daily because health is also linked to their level of activity. The more they play around, the healthier they live. It will also keep the chances of obesity away and if unfortunately, your pet starts showing some unusual patterns in behavior or you figure out some symptoms, you should take them to a vet for proper care.

15. You should take them to a vet once they hit the appropriate age for breeding so that they can give birth to healthy pups under specialized care.

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