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10 Videos that show how Bulldogs make perfect friends of babies


Perhaps you were often told that getting a Bulldog home is a wrong thing to do! You have also possibly seen a bulldog crossing your street or in a park, you go to after work or in the morning, and thought: “well, this dog looks like it must really enjoy violence”.

Do not feel guilty thinking that way, as Bulldogs physique sometimes can create a perception of being a cruel and an unfriendly animal that nobody wants to have it around their lives. But let us be real, everyone would be afraid of their massive head and body, the extra skin and forehead falling in folds if we did not know this.

For everyone thinking that Bulldogs make a hard family dog, hear this: Bulldogs are just cute caring as any cute little animal can be!

It is amazing seeing these videos showing how Bulldogs can devote themselves totally playing with cute little babies. The way they absolutely fall in love with their babyish liveliness is adorable!

Let us see these 10 videos & get amazed by this unbelievably adorable bulldog-baby affection!

1. This bulldog seems to totally appreciate baby’s free ear massaging!

2. The time when this adorable bulldog shows that comforting itself in the same basket with a sleepyhead sweetie baby it’s absolutely his thing!

3. This bulldog puppy is totally into kissing this cute little baby!

4. And this amused bulldog by baby’s tiny soft adorable legs – cannot stop itself from licking them!

5. This big bulldog seems to adore occupying himself in taking care and playing around with this pink-dressed little baby girl.

6. When a bulldog tries everything to make his charming little friend laugh!

8. This bulldog does not care at all that his little friend took away his adoring ball toy!

9. Seems like this huge bulldog does not get bothered at all by his baby friend, even when trying to get a nap after e long tired day!

10. Here we go – a lot of bulldog’s cheek and ear kisses and pecks & the baby zebra-dressed friend that totally falls into them!

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