10 Reasons why not to get a puppy this Christmas

Puppy present for Christmas is not a good idea

Waking up to an adorable, wriggling pup decorated with a bow beneath the Christmas tree slurping on your kids’ faces is the Christmas morning of your dreams! They have been pestering you for a dog for a long time now and you have always felt like succumbing to their wish and bringing one home sooner rather than later!

But, it’s a creature, after all…

Hence, they are not supposed to be brought as a gift in a box under the Christmas tree for reasons you will surely find easy to comprehend:

1. You need a plan

Getting a puppy comes with a plan as you should plan ahead on how to make a puppy a part of your family life for a longer while not just a few days and then take it back to the shelter or give it away! The commitment required for day care should be thought of, for your pet is not just an idea to entertain! You must get into adopting a pet only when your family is completely ready!

2. You didn’t do enough research

You may see a dog and really like their fluffy coat or other specifics, but you don’t understand the breed’s needs and natural instinct. For this, you need to figure out the time you have at your disposal as well as the needs of the breed. Some dogs need more looking after than others… you know the drill!

3. Illnesses are around the corner in winter times

Apart from unexpected illnesses that your dog may be prone to throughout the year, there are a number of illnesses especially present during winter time. And being a puppy, it will be more fragile! Even for you – it is a tough season to deal with house-training your puppy while coping with the flu or cold. If you are in a family with kids you will surely have it hard if your kids are also sick during this period. The combination of these four variables makes for a stress test to be lit!

4. Soon the festive, wild days will be over!

Holiday vacation will quickly be over and you will have to get back to life soon! And that’s when the hard times come rolling; start organizing your days and routine so that you can take good care of your dog!

5. You’re only feeling impulsive

You may be looking very forward for that smile on your kids’ face when they first see the gift you had in mind for them all along. Pets are a lifetime commitment for the whole family!

6. No animal should be a surprise

Someone must definitely take care of their needs, be it – feeding, health care, exercise, grooming. The decision should be well talked about! Kids are not so reliable, don’t forget!

7. Your dog needs to walk

At least 2 times every day, even in the rain! And they should play enough, at least once daily!

8. Good breeders will not even sell a puppy

During the holiday season as they know, they are supposed to give the animal to a stable owner, who understands the work involved in raising them. Experienced rescue group volunteers and shelter workers know pretty fine about the idea of the Christmas dog because usually, these dogs end up coming back to them for shelter!

9. Dogs that are readily available for Christmas

Purchasing a dog during Christmas are not the kind of dogs you want! These dogs may be inbred, prone to genetic health problems, behavioral difficulties like compulsive barking and chewing, or poorly socialized.

10. Get your kids something else

They love for the holidays! Think Xbox, iPad, anything else!

If you, as a family, really want a dog, take your time and choose wisely. Get your dog from a reputable breeder or an experienced and established rescue group or animal shelter. Ask all the questions possible and let them ask their questions, too! If they don’t ask you any questions, be wary of them!

If your dog comes to you in March instead of Christmas present-opening morning, it will still be the adorable pet you wanted without the tree, the bow, and the lights!

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