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How To Prepare Your Dog For Halloween

Halloween is coming and it’s going to be a good time! Especially, if the good vibes are to be shared with your pets!

Therefore, this time around we will be more focused on your pet dogs and the ways you can celebrate with them on this jolly day!

We humans love getting ready for Halloween, although our dog companions don’t really understand the hype, except that the loud doorbell noises may scare them or trigger aggression or the large number of people coming to the door may get them confused! Soon to realize – they are part of this, too!

However, for pet owners, this is a great time to express creativity and bring to life all the thoughts kept in the back of the mind every time you have eyed your dog: to dress them up and embarrass them! Now is the perfect time to do so for all the right reasons!
Getting the right costume for your dog is not the hardest mission to accomplish! A myriad of costumes can be done at home, all by yourself, for a very low price!

The thing is to get your dog used to wear the costume! Some dogs are naturals at it, but a number of them will surely hesitate!

To get your dog used to the idea, the best thing to do is to start by picking a costume your pet likes! Think of a costume that will not impede his range of motion, especially if your dog is averse to bulky costumes.

Give your dog lots of praise for being part of this! Make your dog feels comfortable and positive about this! Let your dog connect with the costume by putting it out and letting the dog sniff it out for as long as they wish. If you notice your dog standing on it and sniffing it – he is starting to really like it. If the dog does not approach the costume at all – don’t worry, it will only take a bit of more time until he does so!

English bulldog for Halloween! Hamburger costume


Allow your dog to be near the costume – once the dog is comfortable, put the costume on! Keep it on for a few seconds and reward the dog! Then, start getting your dog used to actually wearing the costume! Do this daily, for a few weeks before the Halloween, by offering treats for every minute the dog withstands the costume until you get to increase the time. Do not start strapping yet! Strapping should come later after the dog gets used to the idea of having a costume loosely on. Repeat this step! Don’t forget to also praise the dog! Slowly start increasing the time the costume is on the dog, and continue treating and praising!

Pug Halloween Costume

Then, finally, dress the dog up! If you need to strap, try to distract your dog with something entertaining so that the attention focuses elsewhere. Always pick a costume that fits your dog perfectly – to move freely while wearing it!

Funny pet Halloween Costume


Be patient. It may take a while before the dog starts liking the costume and allowing it on. Do not fight your dog if they don’t want to keep it on. There is no chance you will win this argument. So leave it and continue with patience, instead!

Trick or Treat Halloween Costume


This is supposed to be a fun and entertaining experience for both, you and your dog! So follow that feeling and have fun! They are doing this against their will… after all!

Also, try to leave some calming music on in your house to avoid scaring your dog of loud and weird doorbell sounds!


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