6 Things To Know Before Getting A Siberian Husky

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Siberian Huskies are undeniably beautiful dogs. With beautiful blue and brown eyes, majestic coats, and the wolf-like shape, it’s hard not to be captivated by these dogs. As a Siberian Husky mom, let me tell you a few things about owning a Siberian Husky that need to be considered before getting one.

1. They shed ALL THE TIME.


No, I don’t mean they just blow their coats a few times a year and it’s a little bad. I mean they literally have balls of hair fall off all year around. Everything you love will be covered with dog hair. You will put on clothes in the store and BOOM-it has husky hair on it. I opened my Physics binder in lecture the other morning and a clump of husky hair was stuck in the clasps. It balls up under the furniture, coats anything made of fabric, and clogs up your dryer’s lint trap.


You better own a good vacuum (and use it often), have a box of lint roll replacements, and if you don’t have the time (and proper grooming tools) you better pay a groomer to take care of your dog every few weeks. I brush my husky for thirty minutes to an hour at least once a week and hair is still everywhere. Be prepared to spend at least $40 on a grooming visit.

2. They talk, but mostly scream…whenever they want.


My Siberian Husky, Simba is a real loud mouth. Sometimes, he talks, but he mostly screams. It’s very high pitched and piercing. He makes me get up at 5:30 a.m. and go outside with him. If his toy is just a few inches from his reach, he screams. If he’s hungry, he screams. If he sees a cat (or anything outside for that matter), guess what…he screams. See the trend here?


He says “I love you” and “Mama”, but sometimes he also (HONESTLY) sounds sometimes like he’s saying “F*** you” if I tell him he’s in trouble.

3. If it’s yours…it’s actually not. It’s theirs. Everything is theirs.


It doesn’t matter what it is. If Simba wants it, it’s basically his. All the toys are his. My stuffed animals are now his stuffed animals. My blanket, nope that’s his and so is the bed. My favorite spot on the couch is only mine if I get there first.

4. Their food bill might put you in debt.


The days of feeding Kibbles and Bits are over. Cheap dog food is a total no no with Huskies. Most husky owners, including me, feed Taste of the Wild. It’s a high protein, grain free food. It runs around $45 for a 30lb bag, which he goes through every month.

If you think you can get away with cheap food, be prepared for frequent ear infections and diarrhea. I’m serious- projectile diarrhea. Just don’t do it. No. Cheap. Food. Got it?

5. So cute, until you leave.


Simba…Oh, Simba. When I first got him he had horrible separation anxiety. Even with my other dog at home, he got destructive. Simba ate the trim from our front bay window. He ripped the screens in that window too. He tipped my laundry basket over and destroyed several pairs of my shorts and underwear. He will still destroy my underwear if he gets mad at me. I’m not kidding, as embarrassing as it is, he’s destroyed at least 15 pairs of panties in the year I’ve had him.

6. But sometimes you need to leave them alone.


Siberian Huskies are not allowed by some landlords/rental properties and not covered under some insurance policies. They can have an aggressive nature. You are looking at a dog that is closest to the wolf in DNA. They get defensive. They get territorial. This is why it is so important to work with them from a young age and correct any possessive or aggressive behavior. Guarding things and growling is not cute, even if it’s a puppy.


Huskies are FIERCELY loyal and protective of their “pack”. Many huskies will choose their “person”, and will be jealous of anyone else being around that person.


Like any dog, they aren’t all guard-like, but it can happen.




Source: theodysseyonline


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